Goddard Consulting
P. O. Box 7615
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607



Goddard Consulting concentrates its efforts on recovering lost profits for major corporations in the USA.

Our review procedures are extensive and efficient. Goddard Consulting utilizes our trademarked, proprietary software.

This software detects and identifies discrepancies as well as deficiencies in the utilization of accounting software resulting in duplicate payment, overpayments and wrong vendors paid.

The Accounts Payable Review is beneficial to all organizations. The minimum benefit is confirmation that existing internal controls and staff performances meet the requirements of our Clients.

Goddard Consulting agrees to complete confidence of all accounting and financial information received from our Clients in our consulting agreement.

Our professionals with wide areas of education, experience and expertise allow us to provide the best quality of service to identify and recover lost profits through various financial and accounting transactions.

Each professional has STRENGTH IN GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE to achieve the goals and objectives of each contractual agreement, to serve our Clients, and to honor the core values of Goddard Consulting.