Accounts Payable Review

Goddard Consulting concentrates its efforts on recovering lost profits for major corporations in the USA.

Most corporations have internal controls and use accounting software to identify profit leaks; however, there are no assurances on the effectiveness and thoroughness until an Accounts Payable Review has been conducted.

With a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) leading, each Accounts Payable Review is comprehensive and efficient to ensure project objectives are achieved Disbursements and financial transactions are analyzed and inspected for discrepancies such as duplicate payments, overpayments, wrong vendors paid, etc. In addition, all profit leaks, including outstanding credit memos and reconciliations, are validated with vendors to ensure the timely return of lost profits.

Each Client has its unique recoveries. Goddard Consulting maintains statistical reports on all reviews and recoveries. Please visit our Recovery Statistics for a quick glance of our results.