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  Frequently Asked Questions

Do most companies contract for a third party Accounts Payable Review?

What is the length of an Accounts Payable Review?
The length of the review is unique to each Client based upon the number of accounts payable records as well as the amount of recovered profits.
What is the fee for an Accounts Payable Review?
Goddard Consulting reviews your financial and accounting transactions on a contingency fee basis. The fee is a percentage of the identification and recovery of lost profits.
Can my company perform a review in house and pay a consulting fee for support and assistance by Goddard Consulting?
If my company starts to perform the review in house and decides later it cannot complete the review, will Goddard Consulting complete the review process for our company?
Does my company have to sign a long term contract?
No. While Goddard Consulting strives to develop long-term business relationships and many of our Clients request an annual or periodic review, no company is under a long term obligation.